Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 9 - Podcasts

I had trouble with the Podcasts. I was able to add an RSS feed for a Harry Potter podcast into my bloglines, but I couldn't actually listen to it. It wanted me to download Quck time and I get nervous whenever I have to download "extra" things in order watch or do something. I was using my work computer and I particularly don't like to experiment with downloading on a work computer.

To be honest, if I can't listen to a podcast or watch a video immediately, then I don't want to do it. I'm afraid that downloading things will slow down my computer.

I did find a podcast on the Kanakee Library link that worked immediately and didn't require me to download anything. It came up easily on Windows Media Player. It was a conversation with Elizabeth Berg. Here's the link, I think, . I have read about 3 of her books and enjoyed them.

This was very enjoyable even though I didn't listen to all of the one hour program. I think that listening to authors discuss a book is a great thing for a library to put out there. I occasionally flip thru Bookspan on tv and have caught a few good authors.

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