Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 4 #8 - RSS Feeds

I used "Using Bloglines Tutorial" to help me understand how RSS Feeds work and learn how to set up an account. In the first line the author of this tutorial states, " I follow about 80 blogs on a regular basis. I read about 10 online news sites." Holy Mackerel! How in the world can anyone keep up with all of that? WHY in the world would anyone want to?

I think Bloglines is a useful tool for someone who wishes to organize his/her blogs and favorite web sites. It's very handy as I work on my 23Things because I can put my coworkers' blogs in one tidy folder. Will I use it after my 23Things? No. I only check one web site daily and that's which is a Springsteen fan web site. I added Publishers Weekly, but I prefer to just browse the magazine as opposed to checking the web site for book reviews.

Here is the link to my public bloglines:

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