Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 5 #11 & #12

I first learned about Library Things from our Harford County web page. I didn't have time to add my titles, but I thought that it was a fabulous tool. Now my goal is to add all the books that I have ever read to my list. Unfortunately, my handwritten list is still packed in a box, so that will have to wait.
At first, I didn't see much practical use for Rollyo because there is only 1 web site that I check each day. Then I started to think in broader terms, and I began to see this as a useful tool for a special assignment or for a short term project. As a ex teacher, I can see Rollyo as a useful tool for a special assignment or project. A teacher could put several web sites together for her students to use for a subject related project.
I created a Rollyo called Readers' Advisory. I peruse several web sites when I am preparing for a book talk or need titles for a certain theme. Check it out:

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HCPL WebMaster said...

There's still time ... keep on plugging. I love Library Thing too... I hope to catalog my home collection.